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Nia and Damon were sleeping when Nia started hearing Chelsea and Luna's conversation. After Luna left her sit, Nia started talking to Chelsea, she knew that they were talking about the sorority queens, Nia understood Chelsea's feelings, she was rejected by Kappa Kappa Tau too, when she was younger. But Nia always want to see the bright sight of things, so she conforts Chelsea. After talk,Nia started thinking about her partner,maybe she should have helped him like she did with Chelsea, then he wouldn't have almost killed the Villagers.
When they arrive in Paris, they got in the taxi, there Nia noticed that Damon was quiet, she started asking what was his problem, he anwsered that he wasn't happy of what he had done, he wasn't a bad person and needed to apologize with Jessica,liking her or not. Nia was surprised of Damon's atitude, she was proud. :)
Arriving the Eiffel Tower they read the travel tip, it was a botch or watch, Nia would have to draw a caricature of Damon.
Nia:It should be you doing this.I'm terrible at art. See,Damon used to frequente art school, he is almost a Da vinci!
Damon:Not trying to sound cocky,but I'm very good.
Confessional ends.
Nia tried her best,but she wasn't able to do a good drawing, she then had the idea of copying Dan's drawing,he quickly noticed and she started crying,she knew that stealing art is bad, but luckly Dan forgive her and she was able of completing her caricature on time.
Part 1: DA:RR-Ep3-Part1 by MustacheSkulls
Part 2: You are here.
Part 3: Coming Soon.
Chelsea belongs to :iconhey-hollywood:
Dan and Kim belongs to:iconotakufan1:
Trixie and Lauren belongs to :icon8liana8: and :icontd-catherine:
Airplane bg belongs to :iconqmargot:
Nia starts reading the first tip, when she figured out they are going to Paris she freaked out, specially because when she and Damon where talking about which places they would like to go if they had Money to, Damon Always anwsered Paris. She looked around but couldn't find her partner anywhere,until he called her. When she meet him she finds himslef laying on a moped, she refuses to ask why he is doing that and they start to run. They were in front of the other teams.
Nia: OMG Damon,see we are in first. Yay. Nia hugs Damon.
Damon: Come on, this is a surprise for you, we are the best. They are passed by the roommates and the Villagers. Oh no,I'm not letting those stupid apple lovers win. Damon accelerates the moped and Nia starts screaming.
Nia looks to the câmera:
Nia: So, after the incident in Toronto,Damon started to hate the villagers,even if I'm against violence,I think I'll let him go with this,at least it gives him motivation to keep on the race.
Damon:What you are saying,I can't hear anything because of the wind.
Nia:It's nothing just keep driving.
Damon accelerates the moped again to reach the Villagers, when they finally met them, Damon hit they're moped and pushed them out of the road. Nia looks at him surprised and angry at the same time, she started saying to him how that was danerous, but Damon was only smiling thinking about how satisfying was his revenge, until Nia said those words, "I'm desapointed", Damon started remembering how desapointed she was at the best new Lifeguard contest, she waited for him, but he let her down.
Nia then change places with him and she drove to the airport. There Damon started to feel guilty about hiting the Villagers and started thinking a way to apologize with them, when they were running in the carpet, Nia accidentally falled and hit Damon and the poets.

Part1: You are here.
Part2: Da-RR-Ep3-Part2 by MustacheSkulls
Part3:Coming Soon.

Villagers belongs to :icondespairfrost: and :icongalactic-red-beauty:
Poets belongs to :iconemperor-lucas: and :iconpetitetarte:
So I'm working on episode three of :iconda-ridonculousrace: and I need some teams to appear in my pics. I need this poses especifically:
-Two on the mopeds.
-Two teams calling a taxi.
-Three contestants drawing their partners.
-Two in the catacumbs.
PS:If you need any poses of the Lifeguards just send me a note.
Also if you want to make a collab send me a note. :)



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SoulExecution Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2015  Student Writer
Just thought I'd share a little snip of a conversation I just had with one of my 'best' friends.

Me: OMG, remember the picture of Lightning and Dawn on the horse?

Him: Yeah?

Me: The person who drew that is in the TD competition I'm doing!!

Him: ...You realize this means I can't root for you anymore, right?

Thanks for turning my friends against me ;_; lol
MustacheSkulls Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
LOL, nice to see that people like our art! Maybe we can make a colab of Lindana and Jakub in the next challenge.
SoulExecution Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2015  Student Writer
haha I'd be down for that ^_^
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